Welcome to Encouragement for Catholic Teachers! I’m so glad you’re here.

You, as a Catholic teacher, are incredibly hardworking and passionate and idealistic…otherwise you would have never joined a profession with such long hours and low pay (not to mention helicopter parents, crazy grading systems, faculty meetings with lengthy arguments about recess duties or knee high socks, etc. But I digress.) By nature of who you are, you are likely reading this because you are:
a. tired
b. discouraged
c. procrastinating
d. anticipating being in one of the previous states in the near future

Whatever has brought you to this place, I hope that I can offer opportunities for venting, prayer, reflection, encouragement, and humor through regular posts on a variety of topics.

A little bit about me: I just finished my eighth year teaching in Catholic schools. I’m a licensed 7-12 ELA teacher and have taught every grade level in my licensure, as well as religion classes to 7th, 8th, and 12th graders. Besides Providence Academy in Plymouth, MN where I currently teach Upper School English and serve in our Learning Support department, I have also taught at schools in Chattanooga, TN, Hampton, Virginia, and Memphis, TN. I miss the South but am happy to be back home with my family.

I LOVE teenagers, reading, and Jesus, so when I get to bring the three of these things together, I consider it truly magical. I’m passionate about helping students who learn differently, which is why I’m working on a Master’s in Educational Studies with a concentration in Special Education. Running stole my heart years ago as a scrawny fifteen-year-old, and I’ve been bounding, striding, slogging and chasing ever since. The only thing more fun than running is coaching running, and I’ve helped coach our Providence Academy Lions cross-country team for the past three years. This year will be my first not coaching in a while, since my amazing husband and I are expecting our own little runner (or softball player) to join our family in November!

Can’t wait to get to know you and what delights and frustrates you about being a Catholic school teacher. Feel free to use the contact form on the next tab to get in touch!

You got this,